Postdoctoral Research, 2010-present

For my postdoctoral research in the Allbritton Lab at the University of North Carolina, I have been characterizing a microfluidic device for single-cell enzyme assays and applying this device to measurements of peptidases and kinases in single cells. Show/hide details.

Graduate Research, 2004-2009

My graduate research in the Jacobson Lab at Indiana University focused on developing new nanofabrication techniques, understanding the physical phenomena that dominate nanofluidic devices, and applying these devices to trapping and chemotaxis assays of bacterial cells. Show/hide details.

Undergraduate Research, 2001-2004

As an undergraduate at Saint Louis University, I worked with Prof. Dana Spence and Prof. R. Scott Martin to develop microfabricated electrodes for microfluidic tools to study vasodilation. After my junior year, I also participated in an REU at the University of Kentucky with Prof. Michael Jay. Show/hide details.

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